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Bed and Breakfast in Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh Bed and Breakfast
Name Lindsay Guest House
Address 108 Polwarth Terrace EDINBURGH EH11 1NN&
Telephone Tel: 0131 337 1580 Fax: 0131 337 9174
Description Lindsay Guest House is a pleasant semi-detached villa in a quiet residential area of Edinburgh with good car parking in front. The rooms at the back overlook a peaceful stream and they vary in size. Breakfast is served at individual tables in the airy din

Name Kirklea
Address 11 Harrison Road EDINBURGH EH11 1EG&
Telephone Tel: 0131 337 1129 Fax: 0131 337 1129
Description Enthusiastic new owner Moira Kielnar has quickly settled in and looks forward to welcoming guests old and new to her home in a terraced row in the south west. Bedrooms are variable in size and offer mixed modern appointments while hearty breakfasts are