Brent Cross, Greater London Bed and Breakfast

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Bed and Breakfast in Brent Cross, Greater London Bed and Breakfast
Name Anchor Hotel
Address 10 West Heath Drive Golders Green LONDON NW11 7QH&
Telephone Tel: 0181 458 8764 Fax: 0181 455 3204
Description Privately owned and run this well maintained guest house has brightly decorated and comfortably appointed bedrooms all are equipped with many modern facilities. A generous choice of breakfast is offered.

Name Central Hotel
Address 35 Hoop Lane Golders Green LONDON NW11 8BS&
Telephone Tel: 0181 458 5636 Fax: 0181 455 4792
Description Further improvements to this popular privately owned and run commercial hotel. Bedrooms are being upgraded to a more modern style are brightly decorated and well equipped. Breakfast is served in the large dining room located in the main building.