Balmerlawn, Hampshire Bed and Breakfast

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Bed and Breakfast in Balmerlawn, Hampshire Bed and Breakfast
Name The Cottage Hotel
Address Sway Road BROCKENHURST SO42 7SH$
Telephone Tel: 01590 622296 Fax: 01590 623014
Description 100604 22

Name Thatched Cottage Hotel & Restaurant
Address 16 Brookley Road BROCKENHURST SO42 7RR$
Telephone Tel: 01590 623090 Fax: 01590 623479
Description 4-31 Jan

Name The Old Well Restaurant
Address Romsey Road Copythorne SOUTHAMPTON SO4 2PE
Telephone Tel: 01703 812321
Description This popular restaurant is located on the edge of the New Forest and offers two types of accommodation: there are 3 attractive rooms which are spacious and have modern bathrooms en suite and 3 more simply furnished rooms in the older part of the house.